Can Diabetes Prevention Be Found in a Healthy Recipe Book

Time and again, the importance of healthy nutrition has been linked to the prevention and management of diabetes. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services urges us to eat healthy to reduce our risk of diabetes. A diabetes diet offers the healthy nutrition that diabetics and prediabetics need. A healthy recipe book with diabetic friendly recipes is a must for anyone on a diabetes diet.

Just what is a diabetes diet, anyway? Healthy nutrition is at the heart of a diabetes diet. Diabetic friendly recipes from a healthy recipe book help guide diabetics and prediabetics in their quest for healthy nutrition. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that, as of 2007, 23.6 million people in the United States are diabetics. This amounts to 7.8% of the population. What’s more, 5.7 million of those diabetics don’t even know they have it. This is why following a diabetes diet is important even if you feel healthy.

If you’re wondering what a diabetic diet looks like, there is a food pyramid for diabetics on the American Diabetes Association website. The Diabetes Food Pyramid is slightly different than the USDA Food Guide Pyramid. The Diabetes Food Pyramid groups foods according to their carbohydrate (and protein) content. Starchy vegetables, like potatoes and corn, are in the grain group. Another difference is that cheese is placed with the meats instead of the milk group. The Diabetes Food Pyramid is a good guide for diabetics and prediabetics to have when planning meals from a healthy recipe book.

If you do not have diabetes or prediabetes, a diabetes diet is still a good way to get in healthy nutrition. Diabetic friendly recipes are not solely for those with diabetes and prediabetes. Everyone stands to benefit from the healthy nutrition that comes with following a diabetes diet. And all you need to get started with a diabetes diet is this article and a healthy recipe book with diabetic friendly recipes.

The healthy nutrition that often comes from diabetic friendly recipes is nothing out of the ordinary. Following a diabetes diet doesn’t mean you need to become a vegan or ban your favorite foods. A diabetes diet is all about choosing foods from a healthy recipe book that will stabilize your blood glucose, lower high blood pressure, and bring your cholesterol levels to optimal numbers.

Of course, a diabetes diet also brings diabetic friendly recipes that will help you achieve, or maintain, a healthy weight. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises people who have prediabetes to lose weight if they need to. Getting down to a healthy weight can postpone the onset of full blown diabetes and, in many cases, even normalize blood glucose levels. You can usually find diabetic friendly recipes in a healthy recipe book that will assist in weight loss.

The best way to ensure that your meals are healthy is to prepare them yourself. Grab a healthy recipe book with diabetic friendly recipes and use it to plan out your meals for the week.

Kids’ Healthy Recipes – What Goes Into Them?

OK, you have decided that your kids are going to eat more healthy.

But with so many “experts” and reports on hand, what really counts as healthy food? There’s so much conflicting advice, it’s difficult to know where to start. Use this simple guide to set you on the right track.

The number of experts that are all over the ‘net and with so many reports and diets and every other thing out there, what, exactly constitutes “Kids Healthy Recipes” Let’s take a look:

Kids Healthy Recipes contain Milk and Dairy Products

Most every meal should have Milk and/or some other dairy product in it. They do contain nutrients that are essential for growing bodies and you really can not get this in other things. One word about moving from whole milk (that has a LOT of fat in it) to less fatty milk (such as 1 – 2% or heaven forbid skimmed milk), do it fairly slowly as you will have a better time getting your children used to this easier than just all of a sudden cutting all the fat at one time!

Kids Healthy Recipes contain Fruit and Vegetables

Most authorities will tell you that 5 portions of these per day is about right. What constitutes a portion? Some of this will be easy, some is, really, a good guesstimate:

1. Apple: 1 is a portion
2. Banana: same thing!
3. Vegetables: depends on the age. I recommend a shot glass full.
4. Don’t have the same thing every day!

Meat, Fish and Alternatives, Yes, they are in a Kids Healthy Recipes diet

The above listed items have protein in them. These are all important! You will need to check out the fat content and think about cutting it off, especially if you are frying these items. If you are thinking about the low-carb diets for selected meals this items will make a larger portion of your kids menu.

Bread, Cereals and Potatoes

Most of these items are, indeed, considered to be healthy. The biggest issue with these are quantity. 3 – 5 portions per day are fine with these. If you can ensure that they are whole grains, much better. And the skin on the potatoes are much better in terms of vitamins than the potato meat!

The rule on these is the same as on just about everything else: The LESS processing, The BETTER!

Sugar: limit this as much as possible: try Honey!

Read the labels on all of the food that has packaging: Learn what some of those long 5 dollars words are and what they do to you and your family!

Unsaturated fats are better for your kids than the hydrogenated fats so aim in that direction if possible and think about this: Since margarine is processed more than real butter, you might think about provided a little bit less of real butter (than you normally would of Margarine) for your Kids Healthy Recipes!

You and Healthy Recipes For Weight Loss

Healthy recipes for weight loss are an important thing to consider when you are trying to lose weight. Working out and eating correctly will help promote a healthy and steady loss of weight. It is important to make sure that you are getting all of the nutrients that you need and especially drinking plenty of fluids.

If you are unsure of the daily servings of everything that you are supposed to have then you should refer to the Food Pyramid Guide. This will help you determine what the acceptable and recommended amount of grains, fruits, and vegetables you should be receiving. Taking the time to learn about the different foods that promote healthy weight loss and coupling them with ideas for recipes; you will be able to create a full menu for the week that will guarantee results for you.

There are certain foods that are considered super foods that will help promote healthy weight loss. You can eat these foods every day and incorporate them into your diet. Most of them are common foods that you hear of everyday and probably already use.

  • Apples
  • Steak
  • Wild Salmon
  • Parmesan
  • Olive Oil
  • Avocado
  • Yogurt
  • Quinoa
  • Eggs
  • Blueberries
  • Lentils
  • Buckwheat Pasta
  • Almond Butter
  • Kale

All of these above foods can be incorporated into any of your daily meals and they will provide many benefits to you. They have their own benefits to the body and help promote a healthy weight loss.

Some ideas of recipes that are healthy and promote weight loss can be found below. These recipes all are a spin on famous foods that we like to eat. The change is in the ingredients used and when you supplement for the new ingredient the meal becomes healthier for you.

  • Try chicken meatballs one night instead of ground beef meatballs. The chicken is better for you than the beef and it provides a light dinner. The chicken meatballs can be baked instead of fried which will eliminate the fatty oils.
  • Roasted veggie and bean tacos are a good substitute for traditional tacos. You can still enjoy a taco night with the family so don’t worry. In this recipe you can use veggies and black beans to replace the meat. The veggies are crisp and make the taco delicious. To make the meal even healthier, use whole wheat tortillas.
  • Shrimp stew is a good alternative to traditional soups. The soup is light and provides a much lighter base than other soups. It is made from marinating shrimp and using jasmine rice to help thicken the soup. You can add veggies like spinach to enhance the flavor profile.
  • Quinoa is a great and healthy substitute for rice. It is a very versatile ingredient and can be used in many different dishes. It provides a nutty flavor and is simply scrumptious. It contains a lot of fiber and protein to help promote weight loss for you. You can serve it alone, as a side dish, or in salads. The options for quinoa are endless.
  • Lentil chili is a great spin on regular chili that uses ground beef. This chili is made using beans, onions, tomatoes, and seasonings. The beans are fatty in omega 3s which benefit your body. It can be eaten alone or served over rice.
  • Chicken scaloppini is a great idea. Served with a sauce made from olive oil and lemons, garlic, and seasoning. This lighter meal will turn out to be delicious.
  • Salmon cakes are a twist on crab cakes and are healthier for you. They can be made using a canned salmon and mayonnaise. Both ingredients are also high in omega 3s which help your body and promote good health. To spice the meal up even more, you can roll the cakes in sesame seeds.